Jill from Gilley’s Naturals

This week we are introducing you to Jill Gilley owner and mastermind behind Gilley’s Naturals of Cook, MN.  Jill makes all natural products as well as sells Essential Oils.

Can you tell me how you got started making the items that became Gilley’s Naturals?
A friend encouraged me to make skin care things when she heard about some herbal remedies I was putting together. She thought something a little more “user friendly” for everyone could be a big hit since she was just beginning to be interested in natural products.

Your items are all natural?
Most things are all natural, some organic. If they aren’t completely natural, they are definitely healthier & safer than the store options! 

How so?
They are free from harmful ingredients that are known to be toxic or carcinogenic. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) rates all ingredients and we never use anything with a rating that is considered unsafe.

Why do you make all natural vs the other option?
Our environment is toxic enough as it is. Since our skin is the biggest organ on our body, what we put on it and what’s absorbed is important! We should be careful not add more to the load we encounter every day.

How do you decide what to make all natural?
Generally I look at things used regularly and try to make them healthier & less harmful, even more helpful! Then research what I want that product to do and find natural alternatives for the unnatural ingredients in them.

You also sell Essential Oils.  Can you tell me about them?
Gilley’s oils are therapeutic grade, undiluted and harvested from ethical farms that don’t use pesticides or chemicals. We buy from a huge wholesaler in bulk.
How do you choose where to get them from?
 We basically buy from the same company because we’ve become so impressed with their quality and integrity over the past 10 years.

Are they 100% pure?
How do you know this?
The company offers MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) information for all their oils, butters and bases. This information comes from independent testing.

Are they ingestible?

Would you ingest them?
We have for years! A customer recently needed to make a change from the company she’d been with for a long time because of finances. She ingested 5 oils daily for specific things. She used Gilley’s oils for 3 months and found absolutely no difference in quality or efficiency from oils generally costing up to 5 times as much. She’s a faithful user now!

Is Gilley’s Naturals a Full Time Job?
oh yes

You have a store in Cook.  What is the address? 

The Natural Choice   5 north River St, across from Frank’s Pharmacy 
Hours/days you are open?
During the winter MWF from 9-5

 Do you know what you’ll be making in February for the Make-n-take on the 28th?
Oh yes….Chocolate Massage Truffles for Pain Relief….yum

Is there anything else you would like folks to know about Gilley’s Naturals?

Our family run business is dedicated to making products people can afford & use consistently. We’re always open to suggestions!

Jill is teaching a Intro to Essential Oils class at Smith’s Infusion on Saturday, February 18th from 10a-12pm.  In this class you will learn about the basics of the core set of essential oils, what they are  useful for and then make a all natural cleaner, an immune booster, and a perfume.  The cost of this class is $25 per person.  You must pre-register for this class.  Deadline to sign up is Friday, Feb. 17th by 5pm.

Jill is also taking over the last Tuesday make-n-take of each month to do essential oil make-n-takes!  As always these are $10 each week.

You can follow Gilley’s Natural’s on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/gilleysnaturals/
You can also shop her store online here: http://gilleysnaturals.com
And as always you can find her items in our shop!

Meet Lisa Harvey from Rustic North Designs

Our artist of the week is Lisa Harvey who resides with her two sons and her husband in Virginia, MN.  Lisa also works part time but finds time to craft lovely wood signs that she sells in our shop.  Lisa does take custom orders as well!

When you have a moment can you tell me how you got started making signs?
I have always enjoyed crafting and creating things with my hands.  I started out making signs for our home and for some family members.  At the time I was staying home with my boys, so I thought I could make extra money in my spare time and sell my things online.  I just happened to see a post from Jenni about a new shop opening and figured it was meant to be!

What/who inspires you?
I enjoy reading blogs and websites about rustic homes and decorating.  I like to make things that I would have in my own home, and use words or sayings that reflect a certain lifestyle.  I like to make custom art for people as well, since everyone has their own ideas for what works for their family or home.

How do you manage to create along with being a mom and having a job?
It gets hard to find extra time in my week, but my family always comes first.  My kids love to paint when they see me working on something!  I always have several projects in different phases of completion, and try to find a few minutes at the end of each day to design, paint, or finish a project.  It doesn’t feel like work so I am always happy to sit down and create.

Any anything else you might like to include?
I feel so fortunate to be a part of Smith’s Infusion, and to have met so many amazing women (and men) crafters! I will always be a crafter, and hope to see my kids explore their artistic side as well.

Thank you Lisa for taking time out of your schedule to give us a look at how you create and balance life at the same time!

Lisa brings in new pieces when she can, generally with a preview she posts on her Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/RusticNorthDesigns99 If I catch them in time I share to our own Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/smithsinfusion


Settling In, Join us for Grand Re-Opening


We are settling in to our new space at 302 Chestnut Street, just in time for our Grand Re-Opening on Saturday, January 21st from 10-4!  We have a handful of new artists who have joined us since we moved such as Boondock Enterprises from Swatera, MN who make lovely jams, jellies, mustards, herb dips, teas, etc.  Spoiled with Oils from Ramsey, MN who is rounding out our all natural items for you in regards to bath salts, bath bombs, sun screen, immune booster & cancer creams, baby wash, sleep spray, and more!  Libbe Lane from Big Lake, MN selling deodorant, lotion bars, facial scrubs, sugar scrubs and chap stick.  Margo Hansen a local author who writes Christian Romance Novels.  Purple Frog quiet books, Ruth & John Huismann who make wood turned pens, crochet hooks, fleece mittens, American Doll Clothes.  Prairie Muffin Candles and Tie Dye Clothing, and REcreations yarn who makes lovely stuffed animals via crocheting.

For our Grand Re-opening celebration we will be tasting some of Boondock Enterprises jams, mustards, and dips.  We will have a chocolate fountain with pound cake and fruit.  You can meet and greet with some of our artists.  Find out how to sign up for drawings.  Pick up our two-year planner that tells you when our events are taking place such as our quarterly Pinterest Project Shops.  You can sign up for sewing classes.  See what we are up to on Tuesdays for Make-n-Takes and just enjoy the shop!

Starting next week, check in to see which artist you will learn about, as each week I’ll interview a different one of our artists and share it here!

We’re Moving!


We’re moving!  This is our last week at our current address of 104 N. 3rd Ave., Virginia, MN.  We aren’t moving too far, just a half a block south to our main street of 302 Chestnut Street where we will be in a more prominent location in a much busier building.  We are currently at 47 Minnesota Artists and will be increasing to many more.  So since we are moving, and will be having a Re-Grand Opening on Saturday, January 21st our January Pinterest Project Shop will be pushed back to February 17th & 18th.

Also, new in our new location will be weekly craft classes on Tuesdays.  So from 9-5 you can stop in at your own convenience and decide if you want to sit down and make the weekly project.  Goal is to have crafts less than $10 per time and when the supplies are gone, the project is done for the day.  Granted if it grows we’ll aim for more and more supplies each week.  And we’ll post the craft online.  Sewing classes will also be a standing class.  Meaning if you want to learn to sew bring your machine in when it works for you, provided its not during a huge event and we’ll sit down with you and teach you.  These classes are $10/hr.  Bring a project or scrap fabric or we can get you started on a project with the fabric we will have available for sale!  Yes, we will have fabric available for sale at the new location.  It’s not so much right now but in time we’ll grow it and more speciality fabrics like linen, laminated cotton, modern prints, etc.

Our last week here we’re open Tuesday-Friday 10-5, Thursday 10-6, Saturday (Christmas Eve Day) 10-3.  We re-open Monday, January 9th, 2017!  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from those of us at Smith’s Infusion!