How to Sell in Shop

If you are interested in becoming one of our artisans or antique dealers please call 218-741-9607 to schedule an appointment with Jenni the owner/manager.  Please either bring items or pictures of the items in which you make or sell as well as a price list for these items.  Branding if you have.

To sell in the shop, you must have a meeting with Jenni.  If you are accepted, artists/antique dealers sign a 1-year contract to sell in the store and the yearly fee needs to be paid up front in return no commission will be taken from your sales provided you work in the shop 2 days per month, if you don’t work in the shop, you will need to pay $40 per day.

If you are not in the area but would still like to sell your items in the shop, please fill out the information requested on our contact page, and Jenni will be in touch.

Smith’s Infusion does not allow competition amongst the artists who sell in the shop.  Meaning if you are interested in bringing in items we already sell, we can put you on the waiting list in the event the artist ever chooses to leave or changes items.