What is Smith’s Infusion?

I had heard that a few times within our first week of being open.  We are a boutique that sells only handmade art and craft made by Minnesota artists as well as vintage finds & furniture.  Well, why are you an infusion? Smith which happens to be my last name also means an artisan.  Infusion was chosen because we infuse all kinds of art together in one space, hence Smith’s Infusion.  Currently we sell Minnesota art and craft made by 39 different Minnesota artists, we are always looking for more.  Four times a year we have a pinterest Project Shop weekend selling items to be upcycled as well as crafts at very affordable prices.  Those months are July, October, January, and April.  We are open Tuesday-Friday from 10a-5p, Thursdays till 6p, Saturdays 10a-4p.  You can find us on Facebook.com/smithsinfusion