Word Search Scavenger Hunt

Have you heard?  We are doing a Scavenger Hunt in the form of a word search!  What?  I know!  Below you will find the word search.  I know, there are no words listed to find, that’s part of the puzzle!  Though, we did leave you some glow-in-the-dark breadcrumbs!  They are found in Red letters placed through out the word search.  They are all linked to a word you need to find!  When you do, circle it, high light it, whatever you normally do!  Then, write all these words down and see what you can figure out…it should lead you somewhere.

So, if you figure it out, go where you think you should be on Thursday, August 17th at 10am!  If you have to work, that’s cool, come when you’re done, we’ll be there till 730pm!  The first 3 folks who find it, will get a groovy prize, but don’t despair, take your word search with, write your name and phone number on it and still enter to win fantastic prizes!  Did I mention WTBX will be live broadcasting from 230-430pm?  And they’re giving away tickets to the Renaissance Festival!

Good Luck!  See you Thursday the 17th if not before, but really, we want to see you on the 17th at that place you’re supposed to find!


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