Artist of the Week: Shirley Jennings

Apologies as we have not had an artist of the week since early April around the time of our Spring Open House!  The store is busy and that’s good!

So with out further ado let me introduce you to Shirley Jennings of Virginia, MN.  Shirley lives not far from our shop on Chestnut Street but often is at her cabin on Vermilion in the summer.  She makes American Doll Clothes, bibs, burp cloths, plastic bag holders and seasonal items.

How long have you been sewing?
Since I was a child.  I learned while being involved in 4H.

How Long have you been making American Girl Doll Clothes?
6 or 7 years.

What other items do you sew?
Baby items- clothes in general, mittens and hats

What is your favorite thing to sew?
Doll Clothes

Do you take custom orders?
Sometimes.  Last year Shirley took a order for a local couple who wanted blaze orange fleece zip up vests for their girls during deer hunting!

What inspires you to sew/create?
New babies, change of seasons, fun colors

Do you sell at other venues through out the year?
Yes, deer hunting season you can find Shirley and her family at the warming shack in Ridgewood




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