Lynne King…Music to My Ears

This week we have Lynne King from Eveleth, MN who makes earrings made out of guitars…yes, guitars.  Her brand is music to my ears…pretty appropriate I’d say.

How long have you been making jewelry?
I have been making earrings for about 2 1/2 years.
Where did you get the idea to make earrings from guitars?
I have a friend who is a Luthier, John Currier. He builds custom guitars. One day he showed me some scraps of the exotic woods he had been using to build guitars. I immediately saw them as really great earrings.
What inspired you to make jewelry?
When John gave me the scraps of the guitar wood, I simply started making earrings.  It is fun and creative.  I am enjoying learning a new skill and working with my hands. And I love that fact that the woods are unique and a renewable resource.  
Is this a complicated process to get such tiny pieces and form them to look alike?
It is not very complicated, but it can be difficult. 
Would you share your process?
The process includes cutting two pieces of wood, matching size and grain as closely as possible.  I do most of the shaping and sanding with a Dremel tool and a lot of hand sanding. When I feel that the two earrings are balanced in size and shape, I apply a finish (tung oil, stain or varnish), let them dry, do some more sanding, repeat, then drill the holes and add the findings.
Where do you create from (studio, home)?
I set up a work station in the corner of the basement of my home. 

Will you be making other jewelry items to match your earrings such as necklaces with pendants or rings or bracelets?
I have made necklaces, but am mainly focusing on earrings.

Do you take custom orders?
I am very willing to do custom orders with woods I have available. 

Or if someone loved a set of earrings but has a sensitivity to metal could you switch out the finding for another alternative like gold?
I would certainly be able to exchange the findings. The findings I am currently using are all nickel free.  I have hypoallergenic silver and stainless steel available, as well as the 22k hypoallergenic gold. 
Anything else you’d like to share?
I am grateful to Smith’s Infusions for the opportunity to showcase my work.  



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