Greetings Carol Bowman!

This week I introduce you to local photographer, Carol Bowman who takes wildlife and nature photographs and lives on Embarrass Lake between Biwabik & Aurora.
  How did you get interested in Photography?
I was always Loved taking pictures, just because i got excited about the beauty of nature/wildlife and of course then taking pics of my sons growing up, and such. Capturing moments. I wanted to be able to have photos to remember things and to show others what i had found that was so important to me, what I thought was amazing. I have thought many time when I take a picture – “Ooh, that’d make a great card”

Did you take a class or are you self-taught?
I pretty much taught myself at first, but as i got a bigger camera, Idid take a class at Andrew’s Cameras, in Virginia. I really learned a lot and continue to learn everyday, every picture you take – you learn. 

How did you know what kind of camera to buy?
I talk to other photographers, and the people at Andrew’s Cameras. They are very helpful in all aspects of the taking of photos.

Do you have more then one camera?  A favorite kind of camera?
I have a couple of cameras.  I do have myNikon that i use more, mostly because its easier to take photos, and not change lenses, as my Canon T3i you do. I use what works for me.  Its a personal preference for everyone.

Is your camera Digital or 35mm?
My camera is digital.

Do you process your own pictures?

I get my photos printed all at Andrew’s Cameras

Favorite thing to photograph?
Anything in  nature and wildlife. Especially when I kayak, and happen to see those beautiful loons, or deer on shore, or beaver swimming – the slap of their tail in the water, etc.  I love it all.

Favorite place to captivate your photographs?
All of my photos are basically taken with a 60-75 mile radius of where I live. There’s so much beauty.  Just get out and enjoy.

You have a Children’s Book titled Tucked Under which is a photo documentary of a Loon hatching and growing up…What inspired you to do this?
I was kayaking by an island and happened to notice a loon nest, and got excited to watch the new baby loon come into the world.  I kayaked out everyday and sat out on the lake near by and just kept watching and snapping many photos..Its first 3 months of life. Everyday, i shared, on FB, the progress of the little baby and how much it was growing. I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures. Someone suggested i make a book, so i went through all those photos and put together 50 of those pics for a book. I told the story as if the baby was telling the story.  the baby was so cute, and interesting to learn, that it was easy to write the story with the photos. Great gift idea for all ages.

Any insight as to how you always seem to be at the right place at the right time?
I just get out a lot – i take my camera EVERYWHERE! I mean EVERYWHERE –  as you never know when something just HAS to be photographed, and you know , many times the one or two pictures turns out pretty good. If I don’t have my camera with, i am lost. Especially,  if I miss out on a photo opportunity.

Any chances of more books?
 I am thinking of another children’s book. Ideas, ideas!!! Just trying to get ideas together.

Other than Smith’s Infusion where can folks find your work?
I have my books in many places – Silver Lake Floral, Irma’s Finland House, Andrew’s Cameras, Kunnari’s, Virginia Hospital Gift shop, many places in Ely, Grand Marais, Grand Rapids, store all along the North Shore, Walker, Cook, Rochester, Hinckley, Minnetonka, Lake Kabetogama, etc. I also have nature, wildlife cards in many shops, including Hallmark Card in Virginia. I have over a hundred designs of 5×7 nature/wildlife cards. I sell prints, framed, matted or just the prints. Printed on metal, paper, or canvas. Also, make a yearly calendar – my 2017 calendar has30 photos in it. I try to have something for everyone.

Do you have any projects in the works with your photographs?
In April I am part of the Art Crawl in Virginia from April 20th – May 20th where artists display their works in their store windows.  Myself, Marianne Niemiste, and Ian Carlson are having an art showing called Moments In Time at the Northwoods Friends of the Arts Gallery in Cook, mn for the month of May, I am entering in an art contest in June at the Arts Gallery in Cook in June. Also, theres an Art Expo in Cook, in June to show artist works. I am planning too be in various art festivals this summer, hopefully.

Anything else you’d like folks to know?
I would say, just get out there and enjoy nature,  it’s amazing, makes me smile, and remember bring your camera = don’t be afraid to take pictures. We all have our own idea of beauty. Our own eye. Go for walks, kayak, enjoy the outdoors! I do.

Carol works at Smith’s Infusion twice a month, you can also find her at Northwood’s Friends of the Arts in Cook as well as Andrew’s Camera in Virginia.

To see more of Carol’s work check out her website here


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