Becky Korbel from Red Sky Beads…

This week let me introduce you to Becky Korbel of Red Sky Beads.  Becky rarely uses an actual bright red bead, well at least in the first batch she sent…

Becky lives in Montgomery, MN way down south…

How did you get started making jewelry?
 I got started in making jewelry in 2008 when a girlfriend signed us both up for a jewelry making class through community ed.

Do you make your own beads?
I do not make my own beads.  I do however make some of my metal focal pieces.

How did you develop your style of jewelry?
Style of jewelry…hmmm…well, I guess, it comes from who I am, which is a layed-back mellow jeans and t-shirt kind of person.  My designs are all earth-tones.  I have tried making the loud and flashy but never liked the outcome and ended up taking them all apart.

How long does it take to make a piece of jewelry?
I have never timed myself.  I create my yearly line Feb through May.  During these months, if I’m not at my table physically making, I’m thinking of ideas and layouts (I keep pen and paper handy).  The (jewelry) brain doesn’t switch off for 4 months.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Hmmm, another tough one…my inspiration comes from the bead or piece of metal that catches my eye, I just have to buy it because it has this artistic flow to it.

You are very reasonably priced.  Any feedback regarding your pricing?
I’m proud of my products and I like to keep them affordable so everyone can enjoy them.

Do you do custom orders?
I have done custom orders, but I don’t enjoy them.  It’s hard to see the idea that’s in their head and most aren’t too good at explaining exactly what they want, so I usually have to tweek it after it’s completed.  They usually give me their beads to use and because of that, they expect not to be charged much.

Do you sell any where other then Smith’s Infusion?
Besides Smith’s Infusion, I sell at the Paramount in St. Cloud and I’m involved in a Pop-Up store in Northfield in Nov and Dec.

Can folks find you at craft shows?  If so which ones?
I do 33 craft shows June through Sept.  My schedule for this year isn’t completed yet.  However, anyone can email me to get the schedule, which is completed by April.

Where is Montgomery, MN?
Montgomery is located approximately 40 miles sw of Mpls.



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