Meet Lisa Harvey from Rustic North Designs

Our artist of the week is Lisa Harvey who resides with her two sons and her husband in Virginia, MN.  Lisa also works part time but finds time to craft lovely wood signs that she sells in our shop.  Lisa does take custom orders as well!

When you have a moment can you tell me how you got started making signs?
I have always enjoyed crafting and creating things with my hands.  I started out making signs for our home and for some family members.  At the time I was staying home with my boys, so I thought I could make extra money in my spare time and sell my things online.  I just happened to see a post from Jenni about a new shop opening and figured it was meant to be!

What/who inspires you?
I enjoy reading blogs and websites about rustic homes and decorating.  I like to make things that I would have in my own home, and use words or sayings that reflect a certain lifestyle.  I like to make custom art for people as well, since everyone has their own ideas for what works for their family or home.

How do you manage to create along with being a mom and having a job?
It gets hard to find extra time in my week, but my family always comes first.  My kids love to paint when they see me working on something!  I always have several projects in different phases of completion, and try to find a few minutes at the end of each day to design, paint, or finish a project.  It doesn’t feel like work so I am always happy to sit down and create.

Any anything else you might like to include?
I feel so fortunate to be a part of Smith’s Infusion, and to have met so many amazing women (and men) crafters! I will always be a crafter, and hope to see my kids explore their artistic side as well.

Thank you Lisa for taking time out of your schedule to give us a look at how you create and balance life at the same time!

Lisa brings in new pieces when she can, generally with a preview she posts on her Facebook Page If I catch them in time I share to our own Facebook Page


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