We’re Moving!


We’re moving!  This is our last week at our current address of 104 N. 3rd Ave., Virginia, MN.  We aren’t moving too far, just a half a block south to our main street of 302 Chestnut Street where we will be in a more prominent location in a much busier building.  We are currently at 47 Minnesota Artists and will be increasing to many more.  So since we are moving, and will be having a Re-Grand Opening on Saturday, January 21st our January Pinterest Project Shop will be pushed back to February 17th & 18th.

Also, new in our new location will be weekly craft classes on Tuesdays.  So from 9-5 you can stop in at your own convenience and decide if you want to sit down and make the weekly project.  Goal is to have crafts less than $10 per time and when the supplies are gone, the project is done for the day.  Granted if it grows we’ll aim for more and more supplies each week.  And we’ll post the craft online.  Sewing classes will also be a standing class.  Meaning if you want to learn to sew bring your machine in when it works for you, provided its not during a huge event and we’ll sit down with you and teach you.  These classes are $10/hr.  Bring a project or scrap fabric or we can get you started on a project with the fabric we will have available for sale!  Yes, we will have fabric available for sale at the new location.  It’s not so much right now but in time we’ll grow it and more speciality fabrics like linen, laminated cotton, modern prints, etc.

Our last week here we’re open Tuesday-Friday 10-5, Thursday 10-6, Saturday (Christmas Eve Day) 10-3.  We re-open Monday, January 9th, 2017!  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from those of us at Smith’s Infusion!

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